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You’ll find everything you need to know about farmland for sale in Henry County, Iowa, right here. Average land prices, the biggest towns within the county, the available land for sale, and many additional resources that will help make your Iowa land search easier. Reach out to your Henry County land agent with any questions or to request a FREE farm appraisal.

Location: Southeast Iowa

Average Farmland Value: $6,696

CSR2 Price Per Point Average: $104.95

Estimated Average Corn Yield: 148 (Range 106-190)

Average Cash Rent Per Acre: $204 ($125 – $300)

Average County Cash Rent Per Acre Pasture: $44 – $60

Towns: Coppock, Mount Union, Rome, Westwood, Hillsboro, New London, Salem, Winfield, Mount Pleasant, Olds, Wayland

Townships: Jefferson, Wayne, Scott, Trenton, Marion, Canaan, Tippecanoe, Center, New London, Salem, Jackson, Baltimore

Adjacent Counties: Louisa, Washington, Jefferson, Van Buren, Lee, Des Moines

County Seat: Mount Pleasant

County Website: Learn more about the county at  Henry County Website  

Additional Henry County Agricultural Informational Website:

Henry Census of Agriculture

County Assessor: You can learn individual farm information; parcel ID numbers, farm taxes, recent land sales, and even landowners names and mailing addresses on the county  Assessor Page here.

County Fair: The 2018 Henry County fair will be July 18-23. To learn more about the county fair visit the Website Here.

FREE Farm Appraisal: We work hand and hand with dirt everyday. Nobody knows land value better than your local land agent here at Iowa Land Company. We use five key variables to determine what the dirt is worth on one particular farm. To learn more about how we value a farm or to request a free farm evaluation visit our What’s Your Farm Worth page. Fill out our simple contact form or contact Jim Davis your local land agent at (641) 777-5484.

Henry County History:   Henry County was formed on December 7, 1836 under the jurisdiction of Wisconsin Territory, and became a part of Iowa Territory when it was formed on July 4, 1838.  It was named for General Henry Dodge.  In 1839, construction of the first courthouse was begun and completed in 1840. In 1871, construction of a second courthouse began and on August 4, 1914, the third courthouse was completed which is still presently used as such. As of the 2010 census, the population was 20,145.  Wikipedia page.

Please note that the above farm land values are averages and are not guaranteed in every situation. If you need an appraisal on a specific piece of land, call us to discuss how we can help. Farmland prices can change notoriously quickly, meaning information on this website may vary from the current prices as you view this content. Price per acre exact numbers and county averages came from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Surveys


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