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Iowa Land Company is a real estate brokerage that services clients in all 99 counties. Our team of land brokers and agents are scattered across the entire state of Iowa assisting both buyers and sellers of Iowa Land. Our Central Iowa office is located right in the heart of Grundy Center, Iowa right across the street from the Grundy County Courthouse. Iowa Land Company Central Iowa land agents and staff find themselves helping connect buyers and sellers of Iowa land in the Waterloo, Des Moines, Grundy Center, Marshalltown, Cedar Falls, and Charles City area. Being located in the in downtown Grundy Center makes it accessible for our agents to meet with clients while being near the amenities of Grundy Center. Call our office today to start the process if you’re considering selling or buying land in Central or North Central Iowa.

Central | North Central Iowa Farmland Auction Company

Iowa Land Company offers their clients looking to sell both a traditional real estate listing and a public auction when bringing their farm to the market. However when it comes to high-quality farmland that drains well we highly recommend offering the farm for sale using the public auction method. Iowa Land Company farmland auctions are something we are very passionate about! Our auction staff is managed by head auctioneer Luke Skinner and his team of brothers; Matt, Cody, and Nick Skinner, who are trained ring men. We understand the auction business to the highest level. Whether you’re a person that inherited a family farm or a longtime farmer looking to downsize, call Iowa Land Company today to learn more about our well-tuned auction platform. Our auctions produce results!


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Cody Skinner
Land Broker / Appraiser
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Nick Skinner
Land Agent



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    If you would like a FREE FARMLAND EVALUATION from an Iowa Land Agent that specializes in the sale of land in the county your farm is located please fill out the contact form below or call our office to speak directly to a Iowa Land Agent.

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