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Land Values North Central | Northwest Iowa

At Iowa Land Company we are a full service farmland sales consulting real estate brokerage in Iowa. We are land brokers and auctioneers that service North Central and Northwest Iowa. We have an office on the western edge of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Most of our hours are spent meeting landowners in the counties they service which includes talking about land sales strategies and farmland values.

As a farmland real estate brokerage that specializes in land transactions, we work with farmland everyday, each farm is unique in its own way and some “Dirt” is just better than other bar none. When it comes to North Central and Northwest Iowa farmland, each county has it’s better dirt and each county has it’s not so highly demanded dirt. Every fall, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach provides Iowa land owners and farmland service professionals an overall idea on what the last years farmland values went through based on an agricultural professional outlook. Please click on the link provided by Iowa State Universities to find detailed information about land values in the county your farm is located. 2018 Iowa State Land Values Survey

As North Central and Northwest Iowa land brokers that service landowners settling family farm sales, we dig deep into this survey every year. Most of our clients need professionals that work with land and land values everyday. Our clients want these professional connections to be semi local to the location of the farm they are considering selling in the near future. Many owners of farmland heirs have been away from the farm for years.

Land values are very strong in North Central and Northwest Iowa. Class A farmland, which is soils normally above 80 CSR2, in the counties we service in are selling very well. Farmers and investors are wanting to move up in soil fertility in their farmland holdings. With low commodity prices for corn and soybeans, yields are king and the goal is to produce high yields year after year. These farmers are going to need good soil. Take a look at the video of one of our past land auctions in Northwest Iowa.


Please feel free to contact one of the land brokers or auctioneers to give you a free market value on your North Central and Northwest Iowa farmland. To contact the main office phone call (515-955-3817). We would be happy to talk farmland or land values with you.







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What Is Your Iowa Farm Worth?

Are you considering selling your farm and want assistance on gauging what your Iowa land is worth? You’re now in the right hands. We at Iowa Land Company are here to help you determine what we believe is the value of your farm because we use much than a CSR2 point to determine the value of your farm. Iowa Land Company doesn’t rely on a computer program to determine your land value because we know that if you’re considering selling your farm, it’s one of the largest financial decisions of your lifetime and like any harvest, a lot of work comes first so we want to give you our one-on-one traditional farmland evaluations.




Farm Location

Location can be the biggest variables when calculating land value so it’s important to not over look this step.

CSR2 Value

Yes we certainly do consider your Corn Suitability Rating (CSR2) value when giving our traditional farm appraisal because it is very important.


We want to hear your story. How has the farm been taken care of? Who has farmed the farm? Etc…

Current Market

We look at what is currently on the market, how long similar farms have been on the market, for what price and how that farm compares to yours.

Recent Sales

We have access to our in house sales report that we file per county. We keep a close eye on recent farms located near your farm.
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