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A land management division that is tailored for all landowners and land situations

Iowa Land Company’s farm management division is a program for landowners and their farmland assets. Our management team understands the importance of land stewardship and care taking for such a delicate asset. Our goal is to reach your goal, we want our partners to know their best interest is our best interest. With short term goals and long term visions our team works daily to connect with the right tools and make sure each move is well thought out and calculated for a successful outcome. Understanding our short term goals target lease contracts, tenant maintenance, along with monitoring field prep and applications. Our long term goals target asset appreciation and the longevity of conservation of the land. Weather it is 40 acres of 4,000 acres we take care of each management project the same.

  • Tenant / Farmer Lease Negotiation we analyze what the local market is offering and put many things in consideration. We want to make sure both parties have a fair chance to be profitable, and the right operator is in position to be a good steward of the land.
  • Farm Visits With Update Reports each time we visit our clients farm we hit on key points and give a current situation update. (growth stage, crop report, application updates ect.)
  • Government Program Knowledge Staying on top of all government programs can be a tall task all in it’s own. We understand things can change so we stay ahead of the game when it comes to government updates. Along with that we can help with CRP management, midterm contract maintenance, and also new contract renews and seed applications.
  • Working with Qualified Operators Our team understands the importance to find the top operators in the area. We want to make sure our clients asset is in good hands and is being taking care of efficiently and under honest operations.
  • Oversee Improvements Over time we understand that land improvements are needed to increase desire of the land. Terrace development, waterway reconstruction, tiling, or irrigation to name a few. We can help with taking the lead on these projects to make sure things are done properly to increase soil fertility year over year.
  • Understanding Client Needs Our farm managers do a great job understanding each client’s situation. We want to make sure our clients are the beneficiary of our service. Our job is to guide clients through the process and build a long term relationship. We understand the industry and are current with industry events. Our expertise is our clients resource to be successful year over year.
  • Who We Work With Our most common clients are local landowners, absentee landowners, farm widows, retired farmers, investment firms, and land investors. Also, we work hand and hand with top producers in each region.

Iowa Land Company Farm Management is always looking to gain new acquisitions in rural Iowa. Our farm managers are based in regions where they have local knowledge and can connect our clients with the right people. If you are in need of a full service Iowa farmland farm management team contact us at 515-962-5048 or

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