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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell Iowa Farmland/Land?


One question we get often at Iowa Land Company from Iowa farmland owners in when is the best time to sell farmland? That’s a question that can be answered in many ways depending on the land professional you are talking to. Many farmland brokers and land auction companies will give you their two cents on when they think is the right time or the wrong time of year to sell Iowa farmland. Selling is a touchy subject to some, at Iowa Land Company we tell clients if the right steps and agreements are in order in today’s farming economy, ANY time of year is a good time of year to sell Iowa farmland. As a potential farmland seller, you will always be in the of best interest when hiring Iowa Land Company in the sale of farmland.  



Looking Deeper Into This Topic and Why You Need Honest Professional Advice


Now, when taking a deeper look into this topic, A LOT can change on per potential farmland sale case. When actually is the best time to sell farmland? To come up with a correct answer MUCH of it relies on the client’s NEEDS, DESIRES, and the LOCATION of the farmland in Iowa, and last but not least, TERMS of the sale.



Terms Of The Sale Can Determine The Outcome Of The Sale Depending On The Time Of Year


Certain times of the year the owner of the farmland and tenants of the farmland have different rights, interest, and possession of the property. There are certain times of the year when you sell farmland that the owner will have to accommodate the interests of both the current farmer and the potential buyers of the property. Depending on the professional advice you get from the real estate firm you hire, they will have the knowledge of if you faired well or didn’t fair well as a farmland seller based on sale terms on the day of the sale. Depending on the advice, this can change the outcome of your potential value by several thousands of dollars when the sale finally closes. Terms of the sale factors into the amount a potential buyer will actually pay for a farm, depending on the month of the year it’s being sold. If the terms of the sale are not correctly thought out it could affect your overall sale price of the farmland. (This is a tricky topic all in itself)     


Story County Iowa Farmland Values


Location Of The Farmland May Determine What Time Of Year To Sell Your Farmland


Farmland in Iowa in certain areas may sell better during the spring months of the year. The same piece of farmland could sell worse during the fall times of the year. Depending on the makeup of the land and what its used for in Iowa. Some months may favor a spring sale rather than a summer sale or fall sale or vis verse. Southern Iowa land offers more diversification and probably leans heavier on actually yearly timing rather than flat black tillable dirt in Northern Iowa. In Northern Iowa, many buyers are active in fields in the fall combining, sometimes this affects a fall farmland sale. In the spring, spring planting can possibly get in the way of buyer attendance for farmland sales. Where your land is located in Iowa can weigh heavier than other land locations when talking about the timing in the sale of Iowa farmland/land.

Personal Opinion; What Time Of Year Is The Best Time of Year To Sell Farmland


We’ve personally never seen a drawback in selling Iowa farmland in any month of the year when looking at the whole situation and making an educated decision from all the aspects that factor into picking a sale date when selling farmland in Iowa. If the terms of the sale are correctly agreed upon, any time of year is a good time of year to sell farmland in Iowa. 



Putting The Clients Interest First; The Desires And Needs Of An Iowa Farmland Seller.  


When selling a family asset as sizable of a farmland estate, emotions can run high. Hiring the right farmland real estate company for your family is a tough decision to make. It’s our duty at Iowa Land Company to use our knowledge and put our client’s needs first. Fill out a contact form next to this blog and the county Iowa Land Company Land Agent will be in contact with you shortly. After a short conversation and getting to know more about your farmland and you and your families situations, we could determine when is the right time to sell your farmland. We look forward to helping you!



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