Clifford Martin

SE Iowa Land Agent

Growing up in south eastern Pennsylvania and helping on the family farms during the summers, Clifford instilled a love for farmland and recreational land deep in his heart. Straight out of school Clifford worked on a construction crew building post frame buildings throughout the northeast part of the US, but deep down he knew that he wasn’t made to be constructing post frame buildings his entire life.

In 2005 Clifford got married and moved to his wife’s home state of Kentucky. There Clifford and his wife purchased their first farm and put their heart and soul into raising chickens for Cagles- Keystone foods. Clifford and his family really enjoyed the farming aspect of life but Clifford still felt that he was missing something, and that was dealing more hands on with recreational and farm land. With a great church group in northern Missouri Clifford and his family felt that southern Iowa would be an excellent place to pursue his passion, selling recreational and farm land in the state of Iowa. After the tough decision was made, the Martin’s made their way to the great state Iowa. While selling land for Iowa Land Company, Clifford represents clients in hunting and agricultural leases through his leasing business he has owned since 2011 called Whitetail Connections.

You will not find someone who works harder to satisfy his customers. Clifford bent over backwards to meet my needs and always answered my questions. His professionalism and determination assured that I was in good hands. He is very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process. I look forward to repeat business with him again. – Colton Milosevich

I’ve had multiple dealings with Clifford Martin of Iowa Land Company and his other business, Whitetail Connections. Clifford is one of the most respectful hardworking, and all-around good guys that you could meet while searching for real estate and information on recreational activities. He was very upfront, dedicated, and he showed that he valued my business. I recommend Clifford and Iowa Land Company for all of your real estate needs. You won’t be disappointed! –Matt Petersen