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May 6th, 2020


Iowa Land Company offered the Epping family farm on May 6th near Eldridge, Iowa. The auction was held on-site which was very favorable by the local farmers and community. This region is known for some great farmland with high CSR2 averages. Farmers are competitive and want to add more acres onto their operations. The Scott County, Iowa region farmland values are very stable. Big farmers have expanded and created competitive environments when farmland comes up for sale on auction. The limited number of farms that become available to the public in Scott County makes good dirt very attractive.  


On Wednesday, we saw active bidding from 6 or more of the 23 registered bidders. Mostly local interest with some investors looking to pay a premium for the farmland. On the final hammer drop, fair market value was determined at $12,750 per acre for the Scott County, IA 40 acres which is $137.50 per CSR2 point. This per CSR2 point is well above the area’s average. We contribute a strong price to forward thinking marketing by Iowa Land Company as well as a very competitive farming community that does not see premium dirt come to the open market often. 


On April 16th, just 15 miles away, 221 acres of farmland in Scott and Muscatine Counties were brought to public auction via online only method resulting in a “no sale.” A no sale is when the highest price did not meet the sellers expectations therefore the farm did not trade hands the day of the auction. Live public auctions with online bidding work. Our auction on May 6th is a prime example why we at Iowa Land Company encourage them. If you are a landowner in Scott or surrounding counties and are considering selling your farmland, please give Land Agent Nick Skinner at 515-650-0974 or Land Broker Cody Skinner at 515-443-6343 a call to discuss why holding a live public auction with online bidding is the best method to sell farmland. 



What to look ahead at in the markets – Farmland values have held very stable in Scott County, Iowa. This is to be expected with arguably some of the best soils in the state. Good productive farmland is selling very well even in uncharted waters with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 


For more information on farmland in Scott County, IA contact local representatives Land Agent Nick Skinner (515-650-0974) (nick@iowalandcompany.com) or Land Broker Cody Skinner (515-443-6343) (cody@iowalandcompany.com). Please contact us to learn more about Eastern Iowa Farmland Auctions. 






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