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Iowa crop harvest projections
USDA Yield Projections September 2017

The USDA yield estimates have continued to climb over the latter part of the summer. USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey said, “You should never be surprised about these late season bumps in soybean numbers.”

Sell Iowa Farmland
Want to Sell your Iowa Farmland Fast?

The fourth quarter is historically the busiest time of year in the farmland/tillable market and this year is no different. If you have productive cropland acres with quality CSR2 values you are thinking about selling, now is the time to sell. We, at Iowa Land Company, provide a complete farmland auction service that is extremely professional, efficient, modern, and most importantly, proven. We would love to discuss with you our auction process and explain why that is the best way to get you top dollar and do it quickly.

Iowa Farmland Real Estate Companies
Free Iowa Farmland Appraisal

It’s getting to be that time of year when landowners of Iowa farmland are once again considering all their possibilities on what to do with their farm. Do I farm the farm another year? Do I start looking for a good tenant? The biggest question you might have, do I consider selling the farm? All these questions need to be pursued after harvest as over 67% of farmland sells once the crop has been harvested through the month of February.

Farmland Real Estate Companies
Iowa Farmland Estate Auction Companies

Throughout 2017, quality tillable farmland has brought a lot of positives to Iowans selling farmland; investors and farmers have been very aggressive . Farmland auctions are starting to pick up in the Hawkeye state. Many of these auctions are held in family farmland trust that are liquidated through the use of an estate attorney.

Iowa Land Company specializes in farmland auctions in all 99 counties of Iowa.
3 Myths about Iowa Farmland Auctions

In today’s Iowa land business, we know one thing is becoming a trend, land auctions are becoming the norm for high quality tillable farmland in the state of Iowa and across the midwest region. Over the years, land auctions have ramped up across the state of Iowa.

Iowa farmland auctioneers
What is My Iowa Farm Worth?

If you are a landowner in Iowa, it is an asset in many ways to know what your farm is potentially worth. Whether you own cattle pasture, the most pristine, hardwood, white oak timber acres in the state, or are a proud owner of highly tillable farmland that the Northern part of Iowa has to offer, knowing your farm’s value is essential when considering selling your farm.

Land Marketing in Iowa Farmland Real Estate

We offer an innovative marketing strategy that combines traditional real estate marketing with new, modern techniques that give you a great way to get your farmland in front of the right buyers. A misconception is that getting your listing in front of as many people as possible is the goal, but our approach is to get your farmland in front of the right people.

Iowa Land Company
2017 Iowa Farmland Supply and Demand

It wasn’t long ago when more farms changed hands during a calendar year in Iowa than ever before. Low interest rates, record breaking commodity prices, and an uneasy stock market brewed the perfect storm for us to witness record breaking land transactions across all 99 counties in the Hawkeye State.

Informational Brochures
Iowa Farmland Auction Companies

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    North Central Iowa Farmland Values January – June 2023

    Click here for information about the land market and farmland values in North Central Iowa throughout the first half of 2023. What direction is the land market moving and what is the outlook for the rest of 2023? Find out more about North Central Iowa Farmland Values, here.

    How to Value Farmland

    The process of how to value farmland is crucial procedure for a land owner to get a sense of their land and the land market. Click here to learn more on valuing farmland.

    West Central | Western Iowa Land Real Estate & Auction Company

    Iowa Land Company specializes in the sale of farmland in Western & West Central Iowa. To learn what current land market is doing in Western & West Central Iowa or surrounding counties, contact Land Broker Luke Skinner or Land Broker Matt Skinner for more details.

    Iowa Farmland Value Recap 2021 – Forecast Into 2022

    Iowa Land Company brokers recap the record year of 2021 farmland values. Farmland values increased up to thirty six percent compared to the previous year. Click to find out what factors contributed to the increase in land values.

    Iowa Land Company – Rated 2021 Midwest Best Brokerage

    Iowa Land Company was rated Midwest’s Best Land Real Estate Brokerage in 2021. Click to find out more on Iowa Land Company and the services we provide.

    Iowa Farm Lease Termination Letter | Terminating a Farm Lease

    Find a printable farm lease termination letter here. Click here to learn the full process of terminating a farm lease in Iowa.

    South Central Iowa – 2020 Land Prices Recap | Farmland Auction Results

    South Central Iowa land prices and values. Click on this link to find out more about per county land values in South Central Iowa.

    East Central Iowa – 2019 & 2020 Land Prices Recap | Farmland Auction Results

    East Central Iowa land prices and values. Click on this link to find out more about per county land values in East Central Iowa.

    Southwest Iowa – 2020 Land Prices Recap | Farmland Auction Results

    Southwest Iowa land prices and values. Click on this link to find out more about per county land values in Southwest Iowa.

    Central Iowa – 2020 Land Prices Recap | Farmland Auction Results

    Central Iowa land prices and values. Click on this link to find out more about per county land values in Central Iowa.


    What is Your Farm Worth?

    Are you considering selling your farm and want assistance on gauging what your Iowa land is worth? You’re now in the right hands. We at Iowa Land Company are here to help you determine what we believe is the value of your farm because we use much than a CSR2 point to determine the value of your farm. Iowa Land Company doesn’t rely on a computer program to determine your land value because we know that if you’re considering selling your farm, it’s one of the largest financial decisions of your lifetime and like any harvest, a lot of work comes first so we want to give you our one-on-one traditional farmland evaluations.


    Farm Location

    Location can be the biggest variables when calculating land value so it’s important to not over look this step.

    CSR2 Value

    Yes we certainly do consider your Corn Suitability Rating (CSR2) value when giving our traditional farm appraisal because it is very important.


    We want to hear your story. How has the farm been taken care of? Who has farmed the farm? Etc…

    Current Market

    We look at what is currently on the market, how long similar farms have been on the market, for what price and how that farm compares to yours.

    Recent Sales

    We have access to our in house sales report that we file per county. We keep a close eye on recent farms located near your farm.
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