Negative Effects of Online Farmland Auctions

By: Iowa Land Company


Negative Effects of Online Farmland Auctions

Onsite Iowa farmland auctions, that’s how farmland has been sold in Iowa for the past 50 years. In today’s digital world, it’s taken 20 years for farmland brokerages in Iowa to experiment with online farmland auctions. At Iowa Land Company, we use many tools, along with digital land marketing, to promote the sale of a farm. Yes, SOME of these tools are beneficial and a must need with today’s fast moving tech world. Holding an ONLY online farmland auction to sell a farm FAST, a farm that may have been in the family for many decades, maybe even a hundred years is NOT a great method of sale. We, here at Iowa Land Company, would not recommend an online only auction, and we would go out on a limb and say this is a huge risk for the seller of the farmland.


In this blog, we will give you many reasons why you should contact us, at Iowa Land Company, to learn the reasons why online only farmland auctions are not a good idea to sell a farm before you take a wrong turn and set yourself up for huge risk. We tell clients you one have one chance to sell a farm, there are no do overs, so the sellers better make a wise choice when you higher a professional to sell your farmland.





For the past 50 years, onsite and local town hall farmland auctions have been the way to most effectively sell Iowa farmland. Buying a farm at an onsite auction is in the blood of every farmer and the young farmer just starting out. When someone buys a farm they buy it on the land auction method, that’s just the way it’s been for decades. It’s the way grandpa bought farmland and it’s the way dad bought farmland. More than 90% of farmland sells per the land auction method in Iowa. Millions of acres of land have been sold by onsite land auctions going back throughout history. Our question is, “if it’s not broke, why fix it?” Why a farmland owner would ever think about selling a farm on an online only auction is extremely risky and is not user friendly. Please contact us to gain knowledge about selling a farm and why online only farmland auctions could expose you for the worst as a farmland seller.  






When hiring farm real estate firm or a land broker/ auctioneer, be very wise. For the past 50 years, farmland has traded at the town hall nearest to the farm being offered for sale. Now we get it, at Iowa Land Company, we understand that things and technology have changed. Technology is user friendly, the world is speeding up, and you can find everything online.


Let’s target the potential customer/buyer you are targeting when a family farm is being offered to the public. The target audience is more than likely middle to upper aged farmers or investors. It’s just the way the world works. More than 95% of the population that spends hundreds, thousands, or millions of dollars on income producing assets are going to be aged or come from generational farm money. It took them years, or even decades, to get that point. Do you think they want to use a computer or want to use an online auction method to make a lifetime purchase to liqiaute that cash reserve? Contact us today to talk farmland auction methods and what methods we offer at Iowa Land Company that has worked for the past 50 years.





If you have made it this far you probably have the point of this blog. As farm real estate professionals and land auctioneers, it is our statutory DUTY to protect you, as a client, in the sale of your farmland. For some people, a farmland sale is the nest egg, it’s a retirement plan, and it’s your way to make dreams come true. If you are to the point where you have to make a decision to hire a firm to sell your farmland, please contact us and let us explain why Iowa Land Company can best work for you. Let us earn your trust and let us explain why we can maximize your farmland value. We use both traditional land marketing tools and digital land marketing tools to best represent you when selling a farm. Don’t let a computer ruin your plans. Sell the farm the right way the first time!     






If you are looking to learn more about our auction platform and what we can offer to best fit your needs, contact Iowa Land Company today to connect with a local Land Broker. We are family owned assisting family farms.






Iowa Land Company is a full-service farmland auction company that services in all 99 counties of Iowa. We transact all types of land in Iowa. Want to know what your land in Iowa is worth ? Get a | Free Farmland Evaluation (Click) | from one of the trusted agents at Iowa Land Company.


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Our company was built to generate Iowa land transactions combining two things, land marketing experience and farmland sales experience. Our marketing company and land salesman are focused on Iowa dirt! Iowa Land runs deep within each person that makes up our company. We have a  passion for land and that’s what we know. Each person has their strengths and we mesh those strengths together forming a land company that is powerful in both land auctions and private treaty land sales.



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