Weekly Iowa Farmland Auction Results

By: Iowa Land Company

Weekly Land Auction Results in Iowa 

This week had some highs and lows in the Iowa land market. The 152 acre tract in Ida sold well at $8,425 with 45 +/- acres of pasture land involved with the sale. I would consider this strong for the area. Davis County saw a big tract of timber land split up into multiple tracts selling in the mid 2,000 to low 3,000 range which is a good sale for Davis County recreational land. Along with this, we saw some farms trading lighter due to neighborhood location and below average CSR2s. Acres volume is still consistent with 2018 but actual sales volume is down. We have seen larger tracks selling during the 1st quarter. I expect to see this trend continue with current trade disputes and lower commodities. If you are considering a sale in the near future contact an Iowa Land Company agent about the benefits summer sale. We look forward to working with you!


If you’re considering selling farmland in the state of Iowa, do yourself a favor, pick up the phone and call Iowa Land Company Indianola, Iowa Office (515-962-5048) serving land owners in Central and Southern Iowa, or call the Fort Dodge, Iowa office at (515-955-3817) serving land owners in North Central and Northwest Iowa. And or the Vinton, Iowa office (319-440-3176) this office services North Central and Northeast Iowa to talk to one of our agents that knows the market your farmland is located in. We offer a FREE farmland evaluation with no obligations. We will tell you what your farmland is worth and discuss what the best method is (listing or auction) when selling your land. Our goal is for you to be satisfied and we go out of our way to do that. “Iowa is our Factory, Land Marketing is our Craft, Farmland Transactions are our Product, and the People are what make up our Business”


Featured Auction – Decatur County 60 Acres Tillable Farmland: (Click To View Auction or Contact Auction Agents)

Land Agent / Auctioneer – Luke Skinner (Land Agent Profile | Click to view)
Results from – Jim Rothermich- Iowa farmland appraiser.


 Farmland Auction Sales Report | March 22nd – March 28th, 2019




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Iowa Land Company is a full-service farmland auction company that services in all 99 counties of Iowa. We transact all types of land in Iowa. Want to know what your land in Iowa is worth ? Get a | Free Farmland Evaluation (Click) | from one of the trusted agents at Iowa Land Company.


Monthly Sales Volume in all 99 Counties of Iowa

The volume in land auction sales is down from past years,  yet the demand is still very high. If you have tillable farmland it is a prized commodity for farmland investors and local operators. We would classify this market a strong farmland market. As we get closer to the fall, we will see tick up in land auction sales. If you have farmland in Iowa and are considering selling, now is a great time to the process started. On average it take 2-3 months to execute a farmland sale from start to finish. Contact us to determine when is the best time of year to sell your farmland.


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Our company was built to generate Iowa land transactions combining two things, land marketing experience and farmland sales experience. Our marketing company and land salesman are focused on Iowa dirt! Iowa Land runs deep within each person that makes up our company. We have a  passion for land and that’s what we know. Each person has their strengths and we mesh those strengths together forming a land company that is powerful in both land auctions and private treaty land sales.



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Iowa Farmland Auction Results | Iowa Land Company

Monthly Farmland Auction Results In all 99 Counties of Iowa