How to Terminate a Farm Lease or Farm Tenant in Iowa

By: Iowa Land Company

Iowa Farm Lease Termination Letter | Terminating a farm lease in Iowa

Terminating a farm lease is a rather simple, but a detailed process. A farm lease needs to be terminated by September 1st if you want to make changes to your lease for the following farming season. Some changes you may want to make to the farming contract may be things such as negotiating the rent, changing tenants, or potentially selling the farm. This gives enough time for the current tenant to adjust to the changes on the farm and helps each party plan accordingly in the future. Click the link for the (Iowa Farm Lease Termination Letter). With any questions regarding terminating a farm lease, email

When do you have to Terminate a Farm Lease or Farm Tenant in Iowa


In Iowa, there is a deadline you have to meet in order to successfully give notice to your current tenant that he or she has no ongoing rights for a farm lease next year. This is something you must do to give clear rights to the farmland after the farm trades hands. The date that the termination has to be served is on or before September 1st of the current year. If you are thinking about selling your farmland during the fall, your tenant needs to be notified on or before September 1st of the current year before the sale date. If you are wanting to negotiate rent, you must do that before the September 1st deadline. If no agreement has set, you may want to terminate the lease with the Iowa farm lease termination letter in order to negotiate with last years renter in order to advance your rent. If you are deciding to change renters, your must terminate the current lease prior to September 1st of the current calendar year. With other questions about terminating the farm lease, please email   



How to Terminate a farm lease in Iowa


Terminating a farm lease in Iowa is rather easy. Step one: Print the letter above in the blog. Step two: Fill out the letter and sign. Step three: Send the letter to the current tenant as a certified letter. Step four: Save your receipt and file for your records.










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