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: 3 Myths about Iowa Farmland Auctions

In today’s Iowa land business, we know one thing is becoming a trend, land auctions are becoming the norm for high quality tillable farmland in the state of Iowa and across the midwest region. Over the years, land auctions have ramped up across the state of Iowa.

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: What is My Iowa Farm Worth?

If you are a landowner in Iowa, it is an asset in many ways to know what your farm is potentially worth. Whether you own cattle pasture, the most pristine, hardwood, white oak timber acres in the state, or are a proud owner of highly tillable farmland that the Northern part of Iowa has to offer, knowing your farm’s value is essential when considering selling your farm.


: Land Marketing in Iowa Farmland Real Estate

We offer an innovative marketing strategy that combines traditional real estate marketing with new, modern techniques that give you a great way to get your farmland in front of the right buyers. A misconception is that getting your listing in front of as many people as possible is the goal, but our approach is to get your farmland in front of the right people.

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: 2017 Iowa Farmland Supply and Demand

It wasn’t long ago when more farms changed hands during a calendar year in Iowa than ever before. Low interest rates, record breaking commodity prices, and an uneasy stock market brewed the perfect storm for us to witness record breaking land transactions across all 99 counties in the Hawkeye State.