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Hello Calhoun County landowners! Now is a good time to look back at the auction results from 2019 and ending out land values for 2019 in Calhoun County, Iowa. The average value of farmland that sold on auction in Calhoun County was $7,200 to $9,600 an acre. 2019 was a diverse land sales year for Calhoun County, Iowa. The average tillable price per CSR2 point range from $92.93 to $118.16 on only the tillable farmland sales. We personally track all land auctions across the county. There were 9 public land auctions, inside the county lines in 2019. Sale volume was average in Calhoun County for 2019, farmland is in HIGH demand. The Results are as follows:


Calhoun county farm real estate

We know there was 9 land auctions in 2019 in Calhoun County. We used 7 farmland sales that were brought to auction to determine the county average farmland land price of $7,200 to $9,600 an acre. The 8 auctions were mostly tillable comparatives when looking at what the value of tillable farmland is worth in the county. In my survey to come up with a county averages farmland value for Calhoun County, there were a total of 865.71 acres offered to the public.  Out of the sale farm acres we used in the survey there was 659.71 sold acres out of those acres there was 643.77 tillable acres ; therefore, the acres offered to the public were  97.5% cropland acres of the strictly farmland sales. The average CSR2 rating of the 7 tillable farms that were sold at auction the average tillable acres were 82.8. Therefore, my calculations prove the current price per CSR2 point in Calhoun County range from $92.93 to $118.16 price per point. Depending on the farm that was brought to the market for 2019. Many variables and sales volume in Calhoun County do not make this accurate for your farm. Land in Calhoun County is in high demand. Please contact us to find our what your farmland is worth. We office locally out of Fort Dodge, Iowa visit our office page Office Page- Fort Dodge, Iowa .


*For more details on these individual sales contact Land Broker Matt Skinner or Luke Skinner today.


Why Track Public Auctions to Calculate Land Value?

Nobody can argue buyers set the market for all assets. Farmland is no different. A farm is worth only what someone is willing to give for it. That’s why we lean heavily on what public auctions have done over the past 12 months when evaluating a client’s farm. At public auctions, everyone gets a fair chance to bid on the farm. Buyers will bid their absolute most and when they have hit their highest dollar amount. They typically go $200 – $500 more an acre because they can’t stand the farm they know they may only get one opportunity at in their lifetime is about to get away from them. You can also gain inside information on what Calhoun County farmland values are doing by visiting the latest 2019 Iowa State University land survey.


FREE Calhoun County Farmland Appraisal

We offer a free farmland evaluation with no obligations to you as the landowner. Our evaluations are detailed. The evaluation will describe to you how I came up with the value for your farm. We will work via phone or email while gathering the farm information We need to help calculate the value of the farm. You can call us on my personal cell Matt Skinner  (515) 443-5004 or Luke Skinner  (515) 468-3610 email us directly at matt@iowalandcompany.com  or luke@iowalandcompany.com   to ask any questions about our free farm appraisal. If you don’t know much about the farm you need an evaluation on that’s fine too. Don’t hesitate to call or email me. Being in the land selling business we have the resources to find most information we need to calculate the value to on any farm in Calhoun County.


My Fiduciary Duty to Know the Market

We broker the sale farmland in Calhoun County. It’s our fiduciary duty to know the market inside and out, so we can best serve my clients. We sell land both through a traditional listing and by offering the farm to the market via public auction. It’s important to understand that not one farm is the same and there are different buyers for every farm. Don’t think just because your farm has a 83 CSR2 your farm is worth X. Get professional help by someone that knows the neighborhood your farm is located in, what improvements your farm has, and what the latest sales have been nearest to your farm. If you’re considering selling farmland don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you liquidate your asset for the absolute most value your farm is worth.



Publish Date: 1/10/2020

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