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April 9th, 2020


We had yet another great auction sale in Southwest Iowa on April 9th ON-SITE. We had over a dozen registered bidders with active bidding from local producers and investors looking to diversify their investment holdings. 


It is tough to determine market pricing with just 79 acres. That being said, we had 19 active registered bidders on the farm with the final hammer drop of $8,200 per acre. The farm was bought by a farmland holdings company that owned land in the region. 



We have seen some volatility in the farmland market in areas in the first half of the year. Although good farmland like this tract does not come up often and the sale price result shows, high quality farmland in Adair County, Iowa is in high demand. For more information on farmland values in Southwest, Iowa contact Iowa Land Companies local farmland brokers. 


Commodity prices and slim farm profit has been the driving factor of farmland values. Quality farms are still holding value for the most part. Ultra low interest rates and strong yields state wide are the factors keeping Iowa farmland values stable.    


For more information on farmland in Adair County, IA contact local representatives Land Broker Matt Skinner (515-443-5004) ( or Land Broker/Auctioneer Luke Skinner (515-468-3610) ( Thank you for your time. 




Iowa Land Company is a full-service farmland auction company that services in all 99 counties of Iowa. We transact all types of land in Iowa. Want to know what your land in Iowa is worth ? Get a | Free Farmland Evaluation (Click) | from one of the trusted agents at Iowa Land Company.







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