2020 Reclaimed Equity - Iowa Farmland Futures

By: Iowa Land Company

2020 Reclaimed Equity – Iowa Farmland Futures


2020 was a record year in many asset classes throughout America. The S&P 500 stock index returned a gain of 17.88% with dividends calculated in. The Dow Jones Index gained a consistent 9.70% with dividends calculated in. Commodities ran course in like kind with the markets, with a slight lag in timing, but ultimately they pushed higher. Early 2021 has shown strength in both the stock market and farmland market. One is global and one is a strategy as we deal with farmland sellers and buyers daily. Understanding the current farmland market can be tough in a quick moving market like we have seen in the past 6 months. Let us share some insight on Iowa farmland futures and the trajectory of the market.



2020 Land Value Recap


In our sector, farmland can be tough for a client to read between the lines and there are always two sides to every coin. The overall value of farmland stands at $7,559 per acre statewide. This was a 1.7% increase from 2019 but, still below the peak 2012 value where the average price of farmland was at $8,716 per acre statewide. It is fair to say in the past 90 days on quality farmland is up 4-5% in some areas of the state. This is great for farmland owners in Iowa along with farmers throughout the state. Land is a farmer’s biggest asset class, and when land goes up a farmer’s borrowing power tends to trend with it. Understanding leverage is key for both farmland sellers and buyers. Market timing is key when trying to capitalize if one decides to sell farmland. Now would be a great time to sell because 2020 reclaimed equity on farmland. 2020 Iowa State Survey Recap 



Montgomery County Iowa Farmland Values



Strong Demand For Farmland


The current market shows strong demand for Iowa farmland. The emotion of buying farms can be exciting for land buyers and is an opportunity to extend the family legacy and carry on the family business. Grain prices are on a multi-year high with farm incomes project to rise. The prior two years, farmers were presented with significant aid from the federal government during the China – United States Trade War. 2021 seems to show signs of pull back on government funding from trade-war retaliations. On top of the additional federal payments and rising commodity prices, interests rates tanked to historical record lows. Covid-19 in the spring forced the feds to back off on rates to continue purchase potential to stimulate the economy. This put life back in rural America. Farmer’s attitudes have been much better towards buying farmland due to the 2020 reclaimed equity. 



Capitalize On The Market


We recently saw farmland sales in multiple counties hit close to if not record prices in Iowa. The lack of farmland available has pushed prices to 5 year highs. Quality farmland is trading fast selling the best on auction. It wasn’t long ago when land auction attendance was low and buyer activity was bleak. Some guys were passing on farms due to decline in commodity prices and higher interest rates. In today’s era, most quarter sections fetch north of $1,000,000. A sudden increase or decrease in farm interest rates can cheapen a farm up or increase the cost of that property. When buyers are most active and most eager to buy is when rates are low and grains are up. It is the perfect time to sell Iowa farmland. 


Our advice to sellers sitting on the fence is to keep and eye on the market, interest rates, and commodity prices. Farmland is priced at a point now where a sudden shift in any of the three could strip equity out of the asset. Location=s where we have seen limited land on the market in 24 months is reflecting record prices. Farmland buyers and investors are seeking farmland. If you are looking for additional insight or considering selling a farm reach out to Iowa Land Company. We can work with you through your current situation and advise on maximizing value. Our no obligation consultations are free of charge. We are Iowa trusted advisors. 











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